Media rooms, home theaters, home or office networks and other projects often have many choices which must be considered during the planning and design stage. Our consulting team can offer advice and recommendations for such choices as audio video equipment, system design and budgeting.

Project Management

Efficent project management is essential to completing a project on time and within budget. Often projects are too complex for customers to manage without assistance. Our project management team can be as involved as needed; from focused assistance to complete management of all aspects of a project.

System Design

Carefull planning and design are mandatory to ensure that a completed project fulfills all customer requirements and wishes. Inadequate planning often results in increased time and expenses. Our designs include customer involvement at several stages as well and periodic review and evaluation.

Equipment Specification

All equipment and components are specified and selected to meet the needs of the the intended application. To ensure reliability, only reputable brands and the highest quality components are specified. Customers are made aware of all equipment options and specifications.

Future Proofing

Additional steps are taken to ensure that systems are ready for upgrade at any time without the need for re-design.
• Redundant Wiring • Projected Power & Control Requiremets • Projected Technology Upgrades

Other Provider Management

To ensure that other providers meet customer expectations, we offer a specialized service that is unique to each project. Other providers are closely monitored and rendered accountable to project agreements.
• Equipment Verification • Project Management

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